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About Us

We’re a regular group of guys that happen to have more than 60 years collectively working in the residential construction industry. We’ve been licensed in several states as general contractors, but we have worked in every aspect of home construction. We’ve remodelled kitchens and bathrooms, put on new roofs and built deck in the back yard.

We’ve worked with subcontractors like plumber and electricians and throughout our careers, we had always striven to make sure the homeowner was satisfied when the project was completed.

Our Mission

We have worked tirelessly throughout our time in business to meet our standards of excellence; now we want to share those same expectations with you. Your home is your single biggest investment, and when you bring in a contractor to improve it for you, you should expect their best.

Working with contractors can be intimidating especially if you’re not familiar with the industry. We hope this website serves to alleviate some of those fears. We want to leave you comfortable with some knowledge of the industry and the things to look for when dealing with a plumber, roofers, electricians and general contractors.

Once again welcome and we hope you benefit from the articles we publish here.

Joshua Tompkins
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