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Acoustic Insulation for Your House

As the world advances towards greater technology and higher living standards, cities become more and busier every day. An undesirable offshoot of the scenario is the increasing noise levels. Noise is any unwanted, and unpleasant sound that you hear throughout the day. It can be the sound of traffic, the neighbor’s barking dog, air conditioners, construction work or a yelling neighbor.

This marks the emerging need of home insulation for sound.

Acoustic insulation helps you to keep noise pollution out of your homes. It shields you from the ill effects of high noise pollution by sound proofing your home and making it a peaceful and happy place to live in. What is more is that it decent sound insulation systems do not burn a huge hole in your pocket.

Benefits of Home insulation

Home insulation is an emergent trend in cities because of its obvious benefits. The most vital benefits that home insulation provides are given here:

1. Extensive Noise Reduction

ytyeewrsccdfffffffHome insulation prevents noise from entering your home with almost 99 percent perfection (depending on the quality of work done). It reduces the overall levels of noise in the environment of your home. Its double shielding sound proof glass with vacuum technology helps to keep noise outside. Acoustic insulation is done so impeccably that it reduces not only outside noise but also inside noises from spreading within the house.

2. Amazing Comfort

Sound proofing gives you unmatched comfort. Once you get home insulation for sound done at your place, you will notice the stark difference in your home ambiance. Silent interiors reduce stress levels and help you relax in the company of your family. Noise levels are known to cause headaches and other health issues, which you can avoid by choosing to soundproof your space. After all the hard work you do, you deserve a silent time with yourself and your family after the entire day’s hard work.

3. Avoid Conflicts

When you get acoustic insulation from a good company, be sure of fewer worries when playing loud music from your home. There are times when loud music becomes a distraction to your neighbors, and this may lead to a serious conflict. You surely want to avoid such situations, since neighbors are meant to be among your first friends, as they will always be there for you whenever you need them. As such, avoid disturbing them with noise coming from your home, by making use of acoustic insulation for your home.

4. Enhance productivity

asvbgjkkkkkkkkFor some people, noise is a great distractor and makes them not concentrate in whatever they are doing. Take, for example, a situation where a musician likes practicing back at home, or a freelancer who does online jobs at the comfort of their homes. Those two cases need maximum concentration, which will be hard to achieve when there is a lot of noise coming into the house. As such, if you stay at home most of the times and would like to enhance your productivity, ensure that you consider acoustic insulation for your home.

5. Great Savings

Home insulation gives a two-way benefit. Firstly, it prevents noise from entering your home and creates you a peaceful home. Secondly, it helps you save a lot of money because your energy bills reduce. Home insulation means less expenditure on a large air conditioner or heater bills. It contributes to cool or heat your home much faster than homes without insulation. Besides, by making your house more comfortable, you also do your bit in conserving and saving the ecology.

In conclusion, with noise levels rising every day in your surroundings and your family getting victimized by noise pollution, opting for home insulation is a wise choice. The multiple benefits you obtain from a robust insulation system make it a must have in your homes so that your family can enjoy the environment they deserve – calm, peaceful, and productive. Contact Insulwest if you want to find more!

Clever Home Hacks You Need to Know About

Today, Simone brings you to her home to show you the top 10 creative things she did to improve the look and feel of here dear house !


We moved in when my business was mostly operating from my garage…

600ft of office space, what else?

The obvious, we removed all the wallpaper, we re-textured most of the walls and improved the light which is one of my fav way to improve the feel of a home in my opinion.


10 things to focus on:

  • Entry, this is a crucial par of your home as it makes the first impression.
  • Stairs, which is where you access the upper levels of the home.
  • The kitchen cabinet. Defines the kitchen as a separate area.
  • Decoration in living room
  • Makeover of the TV room
  • Watch the video to find out more…


The Power of Video in the Home Improvement Industry

Today we wanted to share this cool infographic with our readers.

This shows us that video marketing is super important when you are looking to reach out to a targeted DIY or home related audience!

TV and Home Improvement shows have quite a huge impact on people starting makeovers or remodelling jobs.

How tos, reviews and tutorials are some of the content that works best online pre and post sale.

Credits Tremor Infographic


What are your thoughts on this?

the kitchen is the heart of your house

Real Life Versus Cliché – The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

Turn on any real estate or home improvement show and you hear the phrase “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. It is always declared from a brand new, spanking clean kitchen with prepared food everywhere but not a dirty bowl or cooking pot in sight.

The fact is your kitchen can become a depressing point of your home because there is always something that needs doing, something that isn’t as clean as it could be and a dinner to be cooked. How can you get to the point where you put a meal on the table at dinner time without existing in a halo of chaos and jobs to be done that make relaxing impossible?

Invest in a few mod cons.

buy useful kitchenwareSome kitchen appliances are expensive and messy and contribute little to your home, fresh fruit juicer anyone? Others are vital time and energy savers. A hand held blender to make a quick soup or homemade sauce for pasta can be more useful. Think about what cuts out effort for you, not something for the sake of it that you then have to clean around all the time.

Change your old kitchenware around.

That grainy chopping board that’s so hard to clean. That tin opener or knife that takes an age to get the job done. That pan that always gets eggs stuck to it.

Pick out the top three items in your kitchen that are slowing you down and draining your energy and replace them.

Don’t stress about getting expensive replacements, just something that works better will free up your time and improve your kitchen.

Have a separate drink and snack area.

Nothing causes more aggravation in a kitchen than people messing the place up just to make a hot drink or a sandwich. Constantly wiping down and being distracted doesn’t help when you are trying to free up time for bigger jobs either.

Utensils and quality kitchen products
Utensils and quality kitchen products

Instead of this constant hassle get a large tray or board and put that out as a work surface for members of the household to make a mess of. At the end of the day, you can clean it up in one go. Also if you have guests come round, unexpectedly you can only move the tray rather than have to start cleaning up a whole day’s worth of mess.

balustrades for pools

Different types of pool fencing on the Market

Having a pool within your property can be a great thing and can provide hours of entertainment for friends and family. However, it is important to consider the dangers that a pool fence can bring, as a pool can be a risk for young children and for those that cannot swim.

In some areas of the world, a pool fence Is a legal requirement if you wish to have a pool. In this article, we will look some of the things to consider if you do want to use a pool with a pool fence in place.

Choose Wisely!

secure the fence with locksThe first thing to do is to choose a fence that will be safe and efficient. It means that the fence will need to be at least 1.2 meters in height and will need to contain no spaces that will allow the ability of a small toddler from getting through. The pool fence should also not have any foot holds on the sides that may allow an individual from climbing over.

A wide range of options

There are several different pool fence designs to invest in, and these vary in their ease of implementation. You may wish to invest in a simple but effective pool fence that is made from aluminium or steel, or you may want to spend more on glass panelling for your pool fence. The metal pool fence will have bars that keep it in place, and you will need to build it so that it is robust and sturdy.

It is also important to maintain the fence in good working order so that it is safe and effective and this means that you should check it on a regular basis, so as to make sure that it is functioning properly. Remember to check any loose sections that may be causing an opening or a way in which to get into the pool and make sure that there are no items left near the pool that a child may use to climb over the fence with.

Renovating Your Small Kitchen

5 Tips for Renovating Your Small Kitchen

Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you “kitchens and bathrooms sell houses”, that is one of the reasons that a kitchen remodel is among the most popular renovations done to a home. If you’re an apartment dweller or live in a small urban condo renovating your kitchen is made more complicated by its size. Smaller kitchens limit your choices when it comes to selecting materials, but if you get a little creative, you can still have the kitchen of your dreams in a small space.

Here are some tips for making your small kitchen renovation turn out perfectly.

#1. Choose open cupboards

You’re going to spend roughly a third of your renovation budget on your kitchen cabinets so make sure they work with your room. Too many cabinets in too small space make the room feel claustrophobic, but at the same time, you can’t reduce the number of cupboards because you need the space. Open cupboards make a small kitchen work. The make the room airier and you can also use them as a decorative feature. Talk with the contractor you’ve hired; this is not the first small kitchen they’ve worked with, and they can offer some helpful advice about which styles work best.

#2. Add an island

Most kitchens don’t have near enough counter space, and an island can add additional workspace. However, the island will only work in the small kitchen if you have opted for a minimalist designs scheme. Choose a light coloured countertop for the island, preferably white or very close to it and leave the bottom open so it doesn’t feel as though it is taking up precious space.

#3. Work with lighting to create more space

Good lighting can work wonders in transforming your small space to make it feel roomier. Again this is where your kitchen remodelling contractor can offer up some suggestions. Try using incandescent lighting underneath the wall cupboards; it’s far warmer than the harsh fluorescent lighting usually found there. If you have a kitchen, some hanging light over the table makes the ceiling feel taller.

#4. Work with colour

Use colour strategically; a single brightly coloured accent feature will help the kitchen look bigger. It attracts your attention and gives you the illusion that the surrounding space is larger than it is. Your accent colour doesn’t have to be in the centre of the room, you can use a colourful backsplash on the wall above the sink, use a few smaller accent pieces that blend and complete the room.

#5. Install high-quality flooring

One of the perks of having a small kitchen is that you need less material so you can select some higher end finishes. The floor is one place where you should spend the money. Choose a checkered pattern; it can expand the space, and it’s eye-catching.

Renovating a small kitchen comes with its challenges, you often find yourself wishing your area was bigger or looking for inspiration, here’s a video to help with some ideas for renovating your kitchen.